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  • Store Location : Palakkad
  • Earn Extra Cashback With Every Purchase Along with Cashback.
Amazon Easy store is an Amazon format in Palakkad that integrates multiple services through a single touchpoint. The Amazon Easy stores mainly assure store offers such as additional cashbacks other than your Amazon cashback.

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Features :

Amazon has upgraded the ‘Amazon Easy' store format in India to offer a touch and feel product experience through physical showcasing of products listed on the e-commerce site. With Amazon Easy stores, Amazon aims to ease online shopping for customers in the country by allowing them to place orders on its online marketplace using guided assistance from the store staff.

You might have a doubt of what's the advantage of the Amazon Easy Store. We make you clear about the advantage by using the help of Amazon Easy Store.

  • We help you to find and book the products from from our Amazon Easy Store, Palakkad.
  • By booking your products through us, we mainly assure extra store cashbacks in addition to your Amazon cashbacks which you won't get while you book through the Amazon app.
  • We also track your booked products from packing to the time of delivery.If there is any problem with your delivered products which is booked from our store, we help you to solve it.

More About Us :

With this new format in Palakkad, customers can also place an order on with guided assistance from the store staff and either pick up the order from the store or get it delivered to your doorstep. To ease the online shopping experiences of customers who are not digitally very savvy, the Amazon Easy Store format allows them to place orders on Amazon’s online marketplace.
Customers can continue to walk into their nearest Amazon Easy store present across the country to avail of assisted shopping services for shopping on Amazon Easy stores will include various established brands as well as regional and local brands to help customers choose from a wide variety of products. The stores are also touted to have social distancing norms in place.
We are trained to help customers find, decide and buy products of their choice from the Amazon marketplace. Customers who grapple with digital access can walk into their local Amazon Easy Store for assistance, where we, the store staff, help them browse and select products, create their Amazon accounts, place orders, and checkout to buy. We serve a steady stream of local customers with their online purchases from our shops.

Services We Provide:

  • Book your products through Amazon Easy Store and earn extra store cashbacks on every orders.
  • Mobile Prepaid/Postpaid Bill Payment
  • DTH Recharge
  • Electricity,Water,Piped Gas Bill Payment
  • Broadband Bill Payment
  • Insurance Premium Bill Payment
  • FASTag Recharge

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